Making it look right – a peek at my work-in-progress as a real paperback

One day – one faraway day – I will make my novel into an e-book and put it somewhere. One day I may even get one solitary copy made into a real book, just for myself! So I am interested in how you create a good-looking e-book but also I just fancied seeing my text in paperback-style format.

So here’s my quickie solution:

Word processor (I’m using Open Office) and set page size to be 11cm x 17.8cm

Font = Bookman, 11pt


Adjust margins to be 1cm

Insert footer with page number, centred

Now this is a very rough book, but it DOES look like a book. Obviously one would need to do a lot more formatting and tweaking (I’ve just downloaded this free book to start to learn about what’s needed). However, it does show me roughly how many pages a chapter takes or where I need to break up paragraphs. And just for a moment I feel like I’m living the dream.


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