The Big Edit

So time has passed…ahem…and it seems very little progress has been made with my somewhat ironically named “work in progress”. That’s OK – I don’t put a lot of pressure on myself – but with the turning of the year I feel ready to make a push on it. I love what I’m writing but I don’t want to write it forever – there are other ideas swirling round my head, for one, and for twos I have read so many good quotes all about FINISHING. Try Neil Gaiman:

You have to finish things — that’s what you learn from, you learn by finishing things.

I’m not in a bad position – I have pretty much a complete novel, bar a few scrappy chapters that are incomplete. It’s time to edit!

Rather than rush right in, I have taken a step back. This has been my plan – and I hope to blog about each of these in more detail –

  • Read a few inspirational words on writing (and finishing – see above)
  • Read around on editing
  • Join Critique Corner – already reading other people’s work has had a huge benefit on my ability to judge my own!
  • Do some mind-maps on theme, the big picture (of my novel) and – most importantly – get down on paper what I see my major problems as being
  • Start to accept that one day I will have to let someone I know read my novel and working out who are the best candidates. This fills me with horror – I need to work up to even contemplating it…

This may sound like a serious case of procrastination but already (one week on) I feel in an immensely stronger position – I feel like I have armed myself for the fight. Bring it on! And wish me luck…



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