The whooshing sound of deadlines and focussed mulling

Scene of Tobermory on Mull, from Morguefile

Mull, probably a good place for focussed mulling

I made myself a deadline of the end of March for pulling together all my notes to start a full scale first rewrite. I still haven’t started it. This does bug me. This year I’d decided to pull myself together and be more focussed – hence the deadline – but I’m now nearly 2 weeks over. That’s the negative side I’m trying not to get obsessed about. On the positive, I have done some serious pulling and it’s gone well. Well enough to make me not want to skimp for the sake of meeting a silly self-inflicted deadline…

I now have all my scenes beautifully ordered in Evernote and I’m adding to these notes all the time. I have a “to do” list that started big but which has now whittled down to under 10 things. Admittedly one of them is “main protagonist” (i.e. a big think about her, the character arc and goals) but that’s been stewing in my head for a long time and it just isn’t going to come right quickly. When I looked back at my mindmap of problems I was gratified to see most of them have been tackled. So it’s getting there. I do want to keep on track but I think Douglas Adams had a point with his famous deadlines quote – creative stuff can’t just happen on demand and the good stuff does take time. Don’t indulge yourself, don’t get too distracted but sometimes a bit of focussed mulling is what it really needs.


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