Shining different lights on a first draft


I don’t like to feel I’m wasting time reading about writing more than actually writing but at the moment ideas are coming thick and fast as I step back and consider my draft in different lights. I find this is particularly good for fitting round the kids (it being school holidays) and work. As I re-read, analyse and play around with my first draft, the following have been the most helpful so far:

Novel Revision from Write Like a Pro! There are lots of guides but this one was particularly straightforward and covered the important parts. 

The Reader’s Emotional Journay by Writer Unboxed. There’s a great method proposed at the end to examine characters or places. I’ve tried a bit of this and it produced some great new directions for me.

Plot vs. Head – another one from Writer Unboxed. Challenges you to find the big and the less exciting moments and work on them. 

The other one I’m picking up ideas from is How to diagnose your novel’s strengths and weaknesses by Darcy Pattison. I haven’t tried the Incredible Shrunken Manuscript yet but there are plenty more good ideas in there.

There are loads of good blog posts out there – any that have worked really well for you at this stage?


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