Storyboarding and the creative process

I came across this video (only 7 mins) which is well worth a watch. It shows the screenwriter Dustin Lance Brown talking about his creative process when he works on a new script. Having just bought myself a nice little pack of index cards, and being something of a stationery addict, I loved to see him covering his (rather splendid) table with his cards, working out how his script will go together before he starts writing.

I’m not a screenwriter but I think there’s much food for thought and inspiration in here for fiction writers too. I’m about to use my cards to outline my scenes and lay them out for an overview. I’m doing this at revision stage but I can see that should I ever be starting a fresh work (hah!) it would be a great outlining process.

Stick with the video to the end and you’ll swell with joy at his passionate defence of the need for more stories in the world!



  1. This is a great presentation, and it works very well and will be used for some time if not forever.

    However, there is a program called Scrivner. It provides the writer of screenplays, authors, poets, bloggers and any other form of writing the advantage and ability to manage and organize everything needed in research for their projects. For outlining, to storyboards Scrivner is incredible.

    There is a learning curve. However, you only use what is needed, and you grow with how you want to use the program.

    Here’s the link check it out.

  2. Thanks – I have had a look at Scrivener in the past but I’m often moving between locations and PCs (or iPad) so I’m happier working in a combination of Google Docs and Evernote as they sync well across all my places. I also like to get pen and paper out for notes and revising. Lots of people seem to do very well with Scrivener though. I guess it depends how much you like to work on screen. Maybe I’ll try it if I ever start a new project!

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