What does success look like (for your scene)?


Life has very much intervened with my writing goals this year but instead of getting all down about that I’m celebrating the fact that I am still drawn back to it. Even though I still feel like I’m climbing a mountain and the summit’s not getting any closer, there’s no question of turning round and walking away. I still enjoy re-reading my rough drafts, I still like my characters, I want to finish. It’ll take as long as it takes.

I also find that breaks are good for a sense of perspective on your work when you come to re-read it. Now that I’m picking things back up again, one question has moved me on considerably with each scene: what does success look like for this scene? Before I do any more work on it, I’m sitting back and visualising everything that I wish it to achieve – the main emotional punch, the richness of setting, the advancement of plot, all the character traits I can reveal, plus any other twists and turns and embellishments I can pack in to make it as full an experience as possible. Only when I know what the best version of this scene would accomplish do I start to work on it again. It’s really helping me to make sure every scene has a real purpose and is earning its place in my word-count.

Anyone else got any scene-related tips that have worked well for revising?


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