Fresh Autumn Shoots


Times have not been easy. For all sorts of reasons I have had to put the writing on hold. I never lost interest, I thought about it a lot, but my head has been full of other things. There were big plans for this autumn but they were plans that in the end did not materialise. The down-side of this is that I missed the chance to join my beloved ModPo (and be a Community TA which would have been a real treat). The up-side is that I have a space for writing again and this makes me happy!

So I have two plans:

  1. To do the new MOOC from the University of Iowa’s IWP How Writers Write Fiction: Storied Women. Their MOOCs have been such enjoyable online experiences in the past, I am really excited about this one.
  2. To do NaNoWriMo 2016. The concept has never exactly appealed to me – I enjoy writing, I’m not trying to compete against some target, the speed element is not appropriate. However, this year I’m embracing the challenge to come up with a novel from scratch and spew it out without being too precious. I will blog more on this but I’m already enjoying a month of planning and feel all fired up to write, write, write when the time comes.

The clash of the two is going to be interesting! Watch this space.


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