Writing Prompts

I followed a recommendation and purchased Judy Reeves’ “A Writer’s Book of Days”:


Amidst a lot of other text which I haven’t read yet, there is a simple prompt for every day of the year. So today it was just “write what came first”. These are really working for me. Short and sweet and wide enough that I can launch off for 10 minutes and produce a stream of writing that, so far, has had at least a few sentences of worth in it each day.

It has also got me writing, filling a notebook longhand with actual words and sentences. This has been lacking in my life! I did write online one day and I’m still not quite sure which works best for me. The book recommends writing longhand but I can type quicker than I can write and I find that a little frustrating. Then again, maybe that enforced slower pace is useful?

When I write I usually play around with the prompt a little, try to stretch it in different directions. Sometimes I will write memories, or play word associations. It’s rare that I will find a story from it but that did happen one day and it’s something I’d like to come back to develop.


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