Ready for #NaNoWriMo?


Mmm croissant…

This is my first serious attempt at NaNoWriMo and, given that I am not a quitter, it IS serious. I have warned my family. I have installed the trial version of Scrivener and filled it up with planning notes. I am carving out time, even on the most difficult days. Above all, I am REALLY looking forward to it!

I’m doing NaNoWriMo first and foremost because I am just not doing enough actual writing. I read about writing, I worry at the edges of my 1st novel which is still in revision, I do some daily pages when I can but I am not putting enough actual words on page. The MOOC has helped with that already but NaNoWriMo is my full immersion test.

I decided to come up with a completely new idea, not the 2nd novel I have had in mind for the last year or so. This is because this is an experiment for me and I wanted to generate something entirely fresh for it, also to see how that works out! The idea I have is based (again) on Orkney so I can use all the research I did for my first novel. It also has music at its core, something that is a massive part of my life. I’ve worked my idea up into characters, themes and finally chapters. In these last few days I am going to:

  1. Double-check my plot against the key plot milestones = I think I’m hitting them pretty much but perhaps a tweak here and there may help. I also want to estimate my word count.
  2. Check I know the main facts about my characters, key descriptions and facts are in place = I think I’m shakiest here but they are developed in my head!
  3. Check my timeline = wishing Scrivener had something fancy to handle this. I have mapped out past years for key back story milestones but I also need to check the actual days when the action takes place.
  4. Run through my notes for each scene and make sure it a) has a purpose and b) that I know what is going to be great about it. I have to start each one with a buzz about writing it, otherwise who is going to buzz reading it?

As you can tell, I’m into planning! I enjoy it, so I didn’t want to miss out with this novel but I have done all this in October so it has been an accelerated process. Having said that, it feels like enough time before I just start faffing around rather than doing things that are constructive..

Best thing of all, I’m very excited about my story and can’t wait to write it out. Roll on November!


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