How’s #nanowrimo2016 going?


10 days into NaNoWriMo and my word count is doing well (23k and counting) but what’s the real story? Here are my 10 observations on NaNoWriMo so far…

  1. The word count isn’t the problem. Even on the days when I only have about an hour at most, I can churn out enough words. I had a plan for my novel so each scene has rough notes. This is enough to keep me powering through a writing session. The planning worked well for me.
  2. I have never written such terrible writing! I’m going with the concept and just writing and writing but that’s not how I do it best. I write a splurge then need to go back immediately and edit and edit to get it into something decent. A bit like a sculptor hacking off a block and then doing some fine tuning. I’m not going back over anything yet and it’s absolute drivel. Not drivel in the sense that things aren’t happening and the plot isn’t moving in the right direction, but absolutely abysmal writing.
  3. I’m missing stuff out. Although I have quite good notes to work from, I’m skipping important things and moments.
  4. I didn’t do enough work on my characters before I started – I think a lot of the issues I’m feeling are around the fact that I don’t have quite the right voice for my main character, nor the male lead / romantic interest. They aren’t awful, just not quite right yet.
  5. Writing in a linear way doesn’t work so well for me. For my previous novel I started writing key scenes and then joined them up. This time I have started at the beginning and am writing to the end. It just doesn’t work so well for me but it’s been useful to experiment.
  6. I’m worried that I’m writing the heart out of my novel. I had a really good concept of what I wanted it to be like and was happy with the plot. Now I feel like it’s deflated into a pile of nothingness but I think that relates a lot to (2) and the quality of my writing.
  7. I am, at Day 10, full of self doubt and the pointlessness of what I’m doing. You can probably tell!
  8. I’m still committed to it. I’m not a quitter. You will see me hit that word count.
  9. I’m on course to get to 50k well before the end of the month so that will be my cue to stop and take stock and try to kick some shape into the monster I’ve created.
  10. If I look deep into my heart, I still believe in the story I’m writing. I believe it should be told, I believe I’d like to read it if I can ever get it to reflect my aspirations for it. At least I’ve started.

How’s it working out for you?


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