Birthing the Blog

A photo of a Crib

Photo by Associated Fabrication on Flickr under Creative Commons

I’ve been writing for over two years now. I have always loved books and I always thought that to write a book – especially a novel – was about the highest achievement one could ever aspire to in life. It seemed an impossible dream, a Mount Everest or a moon landing. It was too daunting – I never even went to look at the foothills. Then someone close to me decided to write a novel and they started, just like that. Then a friend self-published. Another acquaintance has had short stories published. They showed me the way – I felt the shackles lift and I was free to have a go. A clincher was the realisation that I didn’t have to publish – the only test would be to write something that I would want to read, that I’d enjoy. No need to think beyond that. Off I went.

I’ve been writing for over two years now. I write because I enjoy writing. I’m still writing the same novel because I love it, I love my characters and I like spending time with them. I have a job and a family so progress is glacially slow but there is progress and I keep going. I like learning about the craft of writing and I like reading about how artists and authors are creative. It’s been a solitary business up to now. I can’t join a class so I’m stepping out into the massive online community of writers and readers. Reading is fine for a while but I’d like to have some conversations. There is so much to learn.

This is my blog. I can only post every once in a while but I will always be reading and welcoming any comments, as well as reading and commenting out there. I’m on Twitter too so stop by and say hi if you’re over that way.