Making it look right – epub

After doing a little pretend-book formatting, I take it into Sigil to turn it into a epub. So far, I have only done this in a very rough and ready way but it’s good enough to be able to read my WIP in Bluefire Reader or iBooks (but not, of course, the Kindle which goes its own way). I only skim the surface of the tweaking needed to get it fully fantastic but it all helps to see if the WIP would stand up next to the other titles on my shelf. Well, perhaps not the Jane Austen but at least the ebook freebies.


Making it look right – a peek at my work-in-progress as a real paperback

One day – one faraway day – I will make my novel into an e-book and put it somewhere. One day I may even get one solitary copy made into a real book, just for myself! So I am interested in how you create a good-looking e-book but also I just fancied seeing my text in paperback-style format.

So here’s my quickie solution:

Word processor (I’m using Open Office) and set page size to be 11cm x 17.8cm

Font = Bookman, 11pt


Adjust margins to be 1cm

Insert footer with page number, centred

Now this is a very rough book, but it DOES look like a book. Obviously one would need to do a lot more formatting and tweaking (I’ve just downloaded this free book to start to learn about what’s needed). However, it does show me roughly how many pages a chapter takes or where I need to break up paragraphs. And just for a moment I feel like I’m living the dream.